Prepared for Winter...What teas will help you through the colder months.

So, it's starting to feel a little chilly out, right? Runny noses, colds and sore throats are no fun at all, but there are many things you can do to help and tea could just be a saviour this winter.

Don't believe all you read, tea won't completely clear something up, or prevent it at all, but it can ease things. The high levels of antioxidants found in black tea, green tea and white tea (even Rooibos if you can't drink caffeine) are just what the body needs to fight all that bad stuff in your body. Now, where tea has the added benefit over many other hot drinks is that it can be paired with a whole host of wonderful and natural ingredients, which also have many health properties/benefits.

Here are our hot tea tips for the winter season:

Ginger's a winner.

Ginger is great for a sore throat or common cold. Mixed with black tea like our 'Smashing Stem Ginger' it's perfect for a morning cuppa and will help you to feel bright and cheery ready for a new day. Ginger can also help with muscular pain which is common in the colder season. If you really like a kick of ginger try our ginger and green tea - 'Hunky-Dory'.

Spice up your life.

Chai is fab for winter. Not only does it have ginger, it's combined with a whole load of different spices which will clear that blocked nose and help you breath a lot easier.

Try: 'Chai, Chai', 'Vintage Vanilla Chai' or 'Rooibos Zing' - the caffeine free alternative.

Go Green.

Winter has a tendency to make us feel pretty low at times, so if that's the case try Green tea. Full of antioxidants and fabulous nutrients it will really get your brain into gear. Green tea has a lower amount of caffeine than black tea and quite often the release of caffeine is more subtle - it's also been known to help break down fats in your body. It won't make you lose lots of weight, but it will help with the digestion process and may make you feel less sluggish.

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We do tend to eat a lot more in the colder months. We look for hearty, more comforting food which can often be quite fatty - this can lead us to feel a tad bloated. If that's the case try drinking a nice peppermint or spearmint after a meal or before bed. Mint is renowned for helping aid digestion. If mint isn't your thing try Rooibos. The added benefit of Rooibos is that it's also full of nutrients and antioxidants - the perfect caffeine free beverage. We love it!

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Hopefully that's been of some help. Don't forget to checkout our Christmas tea, especially the new one 'Cinnamon Bun' - they'll be sure to get you in the festive mood.

Thanks a bunch for reading and be sure to keep warm.

Time for a cuppa.


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